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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visit my new blog www.

I'm now blogging at  See you there! It's my own domain so I can say what I want and post explicit content.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ball Busting

The first time I kicked a boy in the nuts I was in elementary school and it was by accident.  I kicked him from behind when his legs were open.  I remember that I knew that I was supposed to feel bad about it but I didn't.  Seeing him shaking and convulsing on the ground seemed to happen in slow motion.  I realize now that it was because I got a high from it.  I liked kicking him in the nuts and seeing his violent painful reaction.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm unusually cruel and unemphatic, but I think everyone is they just hide it.  I can't help but wondering if thinking everyone is cruel is my  form of denial or evidence of my psychosis.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vote for what I should wear on my date with my sexy bull on Friday

What a great night.  I was reading a book and sipping a lovely glass of wine when my chocolate former football player stud called to say he was in town.  He has promised dinner, a show and is staying at a hotel with a jacuzzi. I lo-ouhhhhve jacuzzi sex.

We love to show each other off in public and we make a great looking couple.  I love his smooth chocolate skin, bright smile and sexy shaved head. You know what else I like about him too *wink*

Help me out. What should I wear on our Friday night date, keeping in mind that it is getting a little chilly here: 

What should I wear on my date?
Skinny jeans, funky off the shoulder yellow top,heels
Curve hugging black dress, hair up, knee boots
Chinese style silk tunic, leggings, heeled booties
Skinny jeans, tight white t shirt, knee boots free polls